Experience a seamless transition from the comfort of your apartment to the snowy slopes at Chalet Cime Bianche, where each residence is thoughtfully connected to our well-appointed ski room. This shared space is designed to enhance your winter getaway without the need for any upselling. Our ski room is equipped with practical features, such as secure storage for your gear and a dedicated area for equipment maintenance, ensuring that your focus remains on the enjoyment of the mountain environment. Embrace the simplicity of accessing skiing essentials, effortlessly blending the warmth of your accommodation with the thrill of the outdoors at Chalet Cime Bianche.

Nestled in the Italian Alps, Cervinia is more than a ski resort – it’s an exquisite fusion of adrenaline and opulence against the majestic backdrop of the Matterhorn.

The slopes at Cervinia cater to all levels, offering exhilarating descents and stunning vistas. The Ventina and Matterhorn Glacier runs are the pinnacle of skiing sophistication.