Mountain Biking

Nestled on the Italian side of the formidable 4,478-meter-high Matterhorn, known as Monte Cervino in Italy, the charming ski town of Breuil-Cervinia captures the imagination. The iconic peak stands tall, casting its shadow over the town, while glaciers cascade dramatically towards local bars and restaurants. Cervinia has long held a revered spot on the bucket lists of climbers, hikers, and skiers for over a century. Now, it has rightfully earned a place on the map for mountain bikers as well.

Complementing the extensive network of natural hiking trails that intricately traverse the mountainside, there lies a meticulously designed and creatively constructed bike park. This harmonious combination ensures that, regardless of your riding style, every descent concludes with an ear-to-ear grin. Cervinia beckons adventurers to explore its slopes and relish the thrill of mountain biking amidst the awe-inspiring backdrop of the Matterhorn.

Mountaineering & Hiking

Over 150 years ago, British climber Edward Whymper and his rope team achieved the awe-inspiring feat of reaching the 14,692-foot (4478-meter) summit of the Matterhorn. While advancements in equipment have made climbing it more feasible today, the ascent remains no simple task. Commemorate this historic achievement by immersing yourself in the captivating presence of the Matterhorn.

Explore the ridges or peaks on foot, taking advantage of the more than 375 miles of trails and routes weaving through the landscapes connecting Zermatt, Switzerland, and Cervinia, Italy—two mountain towns flanking this iconic peak. To guide you to the pinnacle of views, we’ve curated a list of the top hikes showcasing the majestic Matterhorn (Monte Cervino in Italian). To guide you to the most stunning vistas from Breuil-Cervinia, check out this guide.

Summer Skiing

Cervinia offers a unique opportunity to indulge in skiing nearly year-round, a feature that sets it apart from other exclusive and costly destinations. Experience skiing even in the warmer months, thanks to the elevated terrain of the entire ski zone, boasting 25 kilometers of slopes. This makes it the largest and highest skiable domain in Europe during the summer, reaching heights up to 3,883 meters at the Small Matterhorn.

Accessing the glacier in Swiss territory from Cervinia takes just over 30 minutes via ski lifts and slopes. Cervinia and Plateau Rosà have evolved into premier training grounds for both national and international World Cup teams. While the slopes cater to champions with reserved areas, they also offer scenic skiing for those seeking a more leisurely experience.

Fixed Rope Climbing

Discover three thrilling “via ferrata” routes in the Matterhorn valley, ensuring a safe and exciting adventure led by the knowledgeable Guides of the Matterhorn. Perfect for those embarking on their first fixed rope experience. Start your journey from Cervinia, specifically the “Baia delle Foche” lake, and ascend through Vallone di Vofrède to the base of the glacier bearing the same name (a leisurely 1hr 30 min. walk).

The via ferrata commences on the rocky spur to the right, guiding you to Colle di Vofrède (an accessible 1hr 30 min. climb). Nestled in the “heart” of the Grandes Murailles, this location offers a captivating viewpoint, providing a unique angle to admire the majestic Matterhorn. Experience the thrill and beauty of this adventure, tailored for both novices and seasoned enthusiasts alike.


Play high altitude Golf at the Cervino Golf Club – Italy’s highest golf course. Crafted by Donald Harradine in the early 1950s, this exceptional course sits at an elevation of 2050 meters, ranking among the highest in Europe. Nestled within a unique natural setting, it provides golf enthusiasts with a backdrop, showcasing the image of the “Gran Becca” that truly lifts the spirit.

Spanning 5300 meters with a par-69 designation, the Cervino Golf Club solidifies its position as one of the most significant golf clubs in the Alps. Offering a challenging yet rewarding experience, players are treated to a spectacular panorama while immersed in the stunning surroundings of this high-altitude golfing course.

Horse Riding

Start a unique horse riding adventure with pristine nature, offering an unparalleled view of the Matterhorn.

At the “Cavalieri del Cervino” Riding Center, nestled near Restaurant Skieurs d’Antan in Bardoney, Cervinia, you can partake in guided rides, basic lessons for beginners, and delightful pony rides for the little ones. The center also hosts engaging pony games and treasure hunts, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all.

In Valtournenche, the La Pera Doussa farm restaurant (Loz) extends invitations for scenic hiking trips and personalized or group riding lessons, tailored for both adults and children. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the surroundings while enjoying the pleasure of horse riding in the heart of nature.


Close to Monte Rosa, Italy’s highest peak, and casting its shadow under the iconic Matterhorn, the Cervina/Valtournenche valley stretches from the Italian/Swiss border to the Aosta Valley in a mesmerizing north-east to south-west trajectory.

While winter attracts crowds of skiers, summer transforms the valley into a haven for flying enthusiasts, embraced by the laid-back locals. The restaurants here serve up delectable dishes cherished by the community, often accompanied by homemade genepi discreetly shared with all.

For pilots, the valley offers four primary launches, each catering to a diverse range of preferences. The Plateau Rosa launch, situated at a lofty 3,890 meters, presents an ideal setting for an early morning sled ride against the backdrop of the Matterhorn. However, catching a thermal can prove to be a challenging yet exhilarating feat. Explore the skies and indulge in the unique charm of this alpine paradise.